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Oh My Pet Resort Advantages

Own suite

Every pet has their own suite to make sure every pet feels safe and comfortable during their stay with us. Within the suite, there would be a plentiful and constant supply of fresh water, clean and comfortable specially designed. Owner can also bring toys and belonging from home for their pet.


You can bring either kibble of raw food for your pet for their stay at our pet resort. If your pet is eating a specific diet from home, please bring it in as we are happy to accommodate that request.

Off Leash Time

You can sign up your dog for off-leash time every day to socialize with other friends. Our off-leash park is separated into two areas, small dogs’ area and big dogs’ area, to make sure your dog have a safe and fun time.

Swimming Pool

We also have a swimming pool inside the retreat. Our stuff will stay on the side when there is dog in the swimming pool to make sure your pet’s safety, and after you dog enjoys their wonderful swimming time, we will make sure they get dry up and do not catch a cold.

Year round service

We open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so feel free to book your vacation and also your pet's vacation with us.

Bathing and grooming services

We have professional groomer in the kennel, bathing and grooming services can be provided if you want your pet take a bath before back home.

Individual attention for older or unsocial dogs

Let us know if your dog need individual attention prior the start of service, our stuff spent extra time and attention to make sure your pet has a fun time with us.

Boarding Necessary Requirement

Your dog must be non-aggressive

Here we are not talking about overly boisterous play, but any history of aggressive behavior, which is including biting people or dogs, unpredictable fits or targeted aggression (i.e. towards puppies or specific breeds).

Your pet must have up to date vaccinations

For puppies, all three sets of shots are required. Boosters, Rabies and Bordetella are absolutely MUST HAVES. Vaccination Certificates must be presented to us during check-in, and medical record may be required to show prior to the start of service.

Book appointment

Call 905-604-6797 to book your pet's next vacation with us, or call 416-254-5657 after business hours.